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A date with another human being has to be more uplifting than this….

Single?  Hungry?  Venturing into the unknown dating world?  First off, thank you and you’re welcome and let me be the first to introduce you to your serious and sarcastic approach to dining and dating in the glorious city of Boston (soon to be the world!!!!).  I have been in Boston for a few years now and although there are multiple places to eat or to spend a nice evening, there is no online source to suggest a great place to bring a date.  That is where I come in.  Being a serial dater with limited success, and a food fanatic with a perfect track record, I came to the conclusion that I will put both of those interests together.  This is not a site to post your reviews, these are my suggestions so shut up and eat.  I have done all the dating scenarios from the “dress to impress fancy sit down dinner” date to the “on-the-go corn dog trying to find an exit strategy” date. I can appreciate not only good company but also good food at any price range.  Each post on this site will be a new entry with a review of price, atmosphere, cuisine and overall experience of great date spots in and around the city.  There are categories that you can qualify your next awkward first date all the way to the holy crap if I don’t propose soon she will castrate me in my sleep date.

Since this site is an outlet for the curious dating world, I am also including a homemade meal of the week.  You want to impress a date? Do you?  Break out the culinary skills and show exactly what you can do with your hands (pun absolutely intended).  It may sound simple, but a home cooked meal is a great way to impress your starstruck starlet, a pathway to a relationship, or at the very least clothing optional activities (that’s naked stuff to those of you who couldn’t figure it out).

There will also be either a cocktail or bottle of wine recommendation that will be sure to impress (or heavily intoxicate, whichever comes first) your romantic interest.  Remember a funnel is not good for a first date.

Please send any suggestions or comments as feedback is always appreciated but usually ignored.  Happy dating and even better eating and always remember that a crappy date is always tolerable with great food.

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