Dating Tip #10: Be The First To Arrive…

Dating Tip this week is one that everyone should know (at least we hope so), but who doesn’t need a gentle (or extremely forceful) reminder? When you schedule a date, no matter where; a bar, a restaurant, paint ball field, pet cemetery…make sure you are the first one to arrive at the location. Actually use your watch, if you need a digital one that’s fine, just don’t show your date. The last thing you as a dater should ever do, is keep the person you are trying to impress waiting for you at the location you made the plans for. Get there 5-10 minutes early, and find a good table, seat at the bar, or at least put your name on wait list if your establishment doesn’t take reservations. Again a small detail, but being on time is ok, being early is always better. Don’t leave your date alone at a bar, not a good look, and don’t be like this guy in the clip below, be the first to arrive!

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