Dating App Guidelines…From the Ladies to the Fellas

Folks we are flipping the script to close out this week. Chief took it upon himself to actually talk to some females and get an idea of what the ladies are looking for from the fellas when navigating the mystical universe of the mobile app dating game. He consulted the advice of one Miss Li Ding whose expertise is unmatched. Here is her breakdown…

1. Guys, don’t lie about your height. According to Miss Li Ding it is very easy to see just how tall you are not only by your photos, but that glorious day when you meet in person, the lie comes to life. Everyone knows what 6’1 is and what 5’8 is, they aren’t the same (unless you use the metric system…still haven’t figured that out, except that a Royale with Cheese is a Quarter Pounder, thanks Pulp Fiction!). Whatever you lied about on your license (the DMV doesn’t check your height like your pediatrician), tell the truth, not a good start when the girl is already disappointed about your physical appearance (trust Chief on this, it really hurts…).

2. No more photos with you and the fish you caught. Apparently this is the equivalent of ladies and the Lawn on D swing photo, ( The ladies get it, you are rustic, “outdoorsy”, you “saw” a “real log cabin once on a hike”. But enough with you and the fish. If the photo was of  you cooking it, that may be a different story, but the “fish trophy” is not appreciated by the ladies.

3. No shirtless photos. You crush the gym…CRUSH IT!! You drink the protein, you never skip lower leg or forearm day, you do the yoga-lates, you did a juice cleanse even though they are absolutely pointless (science has proven this I swear), and you want to show off the bod right? WRONG. From Miss Li Ding, “women have a good idea of what you body will look like, when your clothes aren’t on in your photos you just look like a tool.” Plus it takes away the bedroom mystery and allure, you want to keep that, because if the lights are off a lady can’t be that disappointed….we think….

More to come later this week. Any questions, suggestions, or hate mail please direct all correspondence to our comments/contact us section.

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