Dating App Guidelines…from the fellas to the ladies Part II


Here we are again. Another week, and now more “tips” for your mobile dating game straight from the fellas. Now don’t get me wrong, Chief thinks these tips are valid and should be practiced at all times, but if you need to you pace yourself, try at least 5 out of 6….

That being said onto Part II…

1. No pictures of your younger self. Ladies, you have grown in to intelligent, professional, beautiful women…why the hell are you putting up a photo when you were 6? Yeah I get it, it is cute and funny to see that your mom dressed you as a 16th century pirate (all the time, not just Halloween and Easter) when you were younger. However, that is pretty much just funny to you, until you get into a relationship, then a guy can pretend you were “really cute” when you were little and you can slap him when he says “what happened?”

2. Distant/Artistic photos. Ladies, the gentlemen (a stretch of a term I know) on these apps want to see you; your smile, your eyes, you laughing with friends (have some solo pics remember Part 1 of mobile dating tips?), but why a picture of you “holding the sunset” a mile out in the distance? Again, I get it, it shows a deep, artistic, and emotional side of you to convey feeling through photography, but keep in mind, guys are simple, and those photos don’t do much for my gender. The more of you we see you up close and personal, the better off everything will be when getting up close and personal.

3. Skydiving photos. Why? Just why? No one, and I repeat NO ONE looks attractive when skydiving. I know it is an incredible adrenaline rush, and you probably will never do it again, but tell us about it when we meet in person.
skydiverMore to come later this week. Any questions, suggestions, or hate mail please direct all correspondence to our comments/contact us section.

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