Dating Tip #20: Easy On The Cologne

You know DateEaters, there are some tips that even Chief can’t believe need to be said out loud.There are simple ones like, don’t tell your date “my stuffed animals are my real siblings”, or “I have a collection of retro Hot Pocket boxes.” Our tip today should be left unsaid but I think a lot of gentlemen need a “gentle” reminder. Long gone (or if you are over the age of 22 they should be gone) are the days of Polo Sport, Curve (a personal favorite of Chief in his younger years), any scent from Abercrombie, Drakkar, etc. Before you drench your body in a scent reminiscent of a cloud that lurked over a middle school dance, try some of the old fashioned practices…showering for longer than 30 seconds and using more soap than usual, using a deodorant or antiperspirant, and wearing CLEAN clothing (the smell test is not an accurate barometer). If after all that, you think cologne will REALLY help you, one spray on the inside of the wrists and then a little rub on the neck. That’s it, stop. You will be amazed how long the bottle will last. Also, if you are going to buy cologne, buy one that is in a little higher price point than what you can find at your local Walgreens, have some class. Remember, smell is the most powerful sense tied to memory, you really need to remind your date of how horrible being ditched at prom was?

PS don’t wear cologne to work. That’s just unprofessional and no co-worker ever wants to be in an environment similar to an Eastern European night club.

PPS don’t you DARE even think about using Axe Body Spray. It is amazing to Chief that anyone who isn’t in junior high still purchases that. I am pretty sure they use it for pesticide on crops in the midwest…

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