Dating Tip #21: No Long Nails (Hands or Feet)

Hygiene. A simple word that can cause so many issues. You would figure as adults all of us would be able to adjust to the “norms” of society when it comes to our personal appearance. But I was wrong…we ALL were wrong. Fellas and ladies, our dating tip today is simple, keep the fingernails short. Chief knows this means two different things for guys and for girls.

Fellas, if you can use a fingernail as a guitar pick, that isn’t a good sign. Additionally, don’t shy away from a mani/pedi treatment every once in a while, it is pretty relaxing. Keep em short and keep em clean, the hands are the eyes of the arm to see into the soul….or something like that. No potential date wants to hold your hand and have to navigate away from being scratched and scraped. No girls wants long nails to touch any place sensitive (if you can’t pick up on that subtle meaning, then all the tips in the world won’t help you).

Ladies, from a guy’s perspective trust us, we appreciate ALL the work you put into making them digits look great. But keep the nails away from the scary Halloween length. If your nail is longer than a third of your finger (conservatively), stop, don’t pass go, and cut them suckers back.

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