BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! DateEats Is Now Partnered With DateSeat!

Folks, don’t let the headline fool you. A BIG development has come into the DateEats world that will improve sorry dating experiences from start to finish. Chief is very excited to announce that we have partnered with the newest, greatest app available for iPhone…DATESEAT!! It is the newest app for discovering restaurants based on ambiance and atmosphere. With 16 restaurant filters, and 11 restaurant categories it can be your guide to finding the best location for your date. Hear it from the source DateSeat:

“Rest assured that each restaurant has been carefully hand-picked to have an atmosphere/ambiance that appropriately fits each category! If you are looking for something a little more specific to really impress those you’re going out with, you can personalize your experience using our filters. Filter based on lighting, interior décor, noise level, proximity from other tables, attire, outdoor seating, etc., and the list goes on!”

Pair it with Chief’s categories and guidelines and the odds of you screwing up a date could actually go down!  DateSeat and Chief agree on the premise that neither their app, or Chief’s guide to dating glory are restaurant reviews (sorry Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zagat, etc.). It is a way for you to find a great place for a date once you actually get another human to agree to meet you in public. The rest (as scary as it might seem) is up to you. Find the locations on DateSeat and find your regularly scheduled programming of tips, terrible dating stories, restaurant suggestions, and songs to make out to here on DateEats. You can download the app in the Apple Store and you can find them on Twitter and Instagram @dateseatapp (website is We here at DateEats could not be more excited for this collaboration and great things to come.

Happy dining and dating!

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