Dating Tip #22: Pick A Neutral Location For A First Date

DateEaters,┬áthe art of dating is about compromise. We can’t always get what we want and that’s ok. This is where Chief’s dating tip comes into play; pick a neutral location for a first date. When Chief says neutral, he means a location equidistant from both of your homes. IMPORTANT NOTE: A FIRST DATE SHOULD NEVER BE AT YOUR APARTMENT, CONDO, HOUSE, CARD BOARD BOX, etc. Pick a public place with actual people in it and conduct your date from there, preferably one with decent lighting….and windows….and multiple exits. Hopefully by the time you meet your date, you will have figured out beforehand where he/she lives in relation to you. Nobody wants to spend an unnecessary amount of time getting to a date and have it be a terrible experience. Try to be courteous and conscientious of the other person’s time and commute. Again this tip is to keep the comfort level of both people on the same page. It may actually show that you have been paying attention to Chief’s recommendations as well as @DateSeatApp and showcase an exciting spot in a different neighborhood. Everyone loves a home game, but away games are always part of the schedule, so remember, compromise.

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