Dating Tip #23: Ask About Allergies

You are excited. A real live person actually agreed to a second date! Since you follow Chief’s dating tips as if they were gospel, you were smart and didn’t have dinner on the first date. Now the situation has advanced and you need to figure out a place to woo your romantic love interest. Sushi is always a great option. Maybe some oysters? Even venture out to find fresh pasta? Maybe show her your plaque of over indulgence at the Hometown Buffet? Hold on, wait, stop what you are doing, and think…have I asked my date about allergies yet? DateEaters, this is a simple and often very much appreciated question. You don’t want your date to end up in the emergency room, and asking ahead of time avoids that awkward moment of “I can’t eat anything on this menu.” Before you pick the place for your dinner date, ask about any sort of food allergy, you could be a hero or just a considerate human being…for once.

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