Dating Tip #24: Don’t Talk About Your Ex

Chief cannot believe he actually has to write this…has the dating world completely lost it? Well, if it has, this will be a gentle reminder…don’t under ANY┬ácircumstance talk about your ex on the first few dates. There really isn’t more of a red flag when someone can’t stop talking about the one that either broke their heart, stomped on their face, or literally left them alone in a remote location somewhere. Your job on a first date (and┬ádates after that point) is to get to know the person you are out with. If an ex conversation comes up a month into dating, sure talk about it, but keep it light. Even if there is hatred of 1000 suns directed right at your ex, that is not something anyone you are trying to date wants to hear. Trying to form a new relationship by talking about a past one will not get you anywhere.

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