Dating Tip #25 (For The Dating Apps): Ask For The Date, Don’t Delay

You made it past the first barrier. You matched/swiped/favorited someone on a dating app and you finally got a response to your “Hey” (for the record, do a little better than that…being a little more original doesn’t take a lot of work). You start to exchange a few pleasantries, get a positive feel for the conversation, and then muster up the courage to ask for her number! YOU DID IT WOOO!!!!!!! However, let’s not get too excited here. Since no one uses the phone to call people besides IRS scammers, keep in mind that no one in the dating world [with the exception of convicts) wants a pen pal, text or otherwise. For you younger people, a pen pal was someone you wrote letters to (letters are notes on paper mailed in envelopes in stamps by the post office (a post office is place with angry employees that delivers┬ásaid letters to the person you were writing to), this is how people used to communicated and penmanship was a thing)].

ASK FOR THE DATE! If you have to exchange a couple texts that’s fine, but within the first 4 or 5 messages, you should have a date lined up and scheduled. Don’t delay, the point is to meet someone or at least ask the question of when he/she can meet. Put yourself out there, but don’t waste time and ask to take her out!

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